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Erciyes University, Experimental Research and Application Center was established by Mr. Suleyman Çetinsaya in 1997, in memory of his niece, Hakan Çetinsaya (1976-1996). Center was certified by Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock at 28/04/2014 and working permition was granted at 27/05/2010. This facility has been providing experimental animals, namely rats (Wistar Albino and Spraque – Dawley), mice (Babl-C), and rabbits (New Zealand), and technical assistance to researchers since 1997. The facility includes three floors serving the various research needs of both local and international researchers. The first floor is used for general staff offices and include, a conference room. The second floor holds our experimental and surgical research units. The experimental research units include cardiovascular lab., microsurgery lab., behavior lab (Morris water maze), micro surgery operation room, and two general surgery room, reanimation unit, a biosafety lab with level 2 (BSL-2) and microbiology lab. The breeding and housed facilities of laboratory animals are on the third floor of center. There are also metabolic cages for metabolism research studies. In the basement of the center, there are modern shelters with eight units for pigs and dogs. The center is seeking to move to a new building soon. Researchers after getting proper permit from the ethical committee apply to our center to conduct their research. The employees of the center also take care of the animals (feeding and watering), keep maintenance of sanitation and environmental control, keep records of all activities, monitor for ethical protocols, and give technical assistance including administrating medications, helping in standard operating procedures, and performing euthanasia on animals at the end of studies. One Veterinary surgeon, one Biologist, two Veterinary Technician and two Auxiliary Staff have served in the Centre. Working in a close cooperation with the local ethical committee, the center offers laboratory animal certificate programs. The center has also a mission of educational training for students from medical school, veterinary school and others. One of the main missions of the center is to cooperate with national and international parties for experimental research and application.

You are welcome to visit and conduct research in our center.

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